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Our HYIP reviews is not a HYIP monitor and is not bases on the pay-per-include principle. We research HYIP and only after that decide whether the program will be included and to which category it will belong. We are professional HYIP players and use the HYIP reviews for our own investment purposes.

High Risk Investments

Investing in the programs listed in this section can be very rewarding due to the high returns. But keep in mind that these programs should be considered as money games. So be ready to loose. Remember: the probability to be in profit for any of the high risk programs decreases from cycle to cycle. View >>

Medium Risk Investments

The programs in this section also a risky pick and belong to high yield investments. However they are not typical HYIPs living less then a year. The programs bellow survived for long time and passed due diligence process. Thus we can conclude that the deposited funds are invested in the real business. Therefore those programs can operate for a long time. View >>

Low Risk Investments

The investment opportunities here are considered the lowest risk among the high yield investments. They paying for more than one year and have a real business as their base. View >>