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Website Administrator


HyipMonitor.info website administrator is a great opportunity for the HYIP investors who would like to greatly increase their earnings from HYIPs and sharpen their investment skills.


The main responsibility and the purpose of the website administrator is to make the site popular, increase the number of its visitors. I will explain you the basic technics how to archive that, show you the direction and you will continue yourself.

So the responsibilities of the site administrator include but not limited to

  • Manage HYIP programs in the portfolio of the monitor
  • Add interviews with HYIP admins
  • Add HYIP related articles
  • Post website news and HYIP world news


  • HYIP investor with at least 1 year of practical experience
  • Perfect written English
  • Member at least one of the following forums: TalkGold, MMG, DTM, Hyip Discussion with more then 100 messages.


Administrator's salary - 50% of all referral commissions paid by HYIPs which he/she placed to the portfolio. Website owner reserve a place maximum for 1 HYIP program in the portfolio per week and the rest of programs can be placed by the administrator.

How much it is possible to earn from the referral commissions? It depends on the site popularity and the luck of the administrator. It could be from several hundreds to several thousands per month! HyipMonitor.info is the name which speaks for itself and could be very popular and profitable under the skillful administration.

To qualify please send your resume to info_at_hyipmonitor.info

  1. Name, Date of Birth
  2. Several sentences why we should choose you for this position
  3. Link to your user's profile at TalkGold, MMG, DTM or Hyip Discussion forums (as stated above)
  4. List of HYIPs you have invested to in the near past
  5. What else skills (other then HYIP investing) do you have?